I'm the Giggles CEO. 

Making dreams come true, you know!

Endless fun - what we're about.

We have every gift you need, there is no doubt!


Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker Me
I'm making goodies as fast as can be!
 I mix 'em, I bake 'em, I ice 'em up too
Always the freshest and bestest for you



I'm here because I want to be.

To join in on the Giggles frivolity. Helping you any way I can. 

Offering a happy & helping hand.


The First Mate keeps the Giggles ship afloat. Yes, that's me, it ain't no joke.

I stock, I price, I organize.

To keep that wonder in your eyes!


The weekend warrior, hey, that's me!

I add pizazz artistically,

custom chalkboards, personalizing too.

Designs I happily create for you!


I can paint it, I can draw it. 
You name it, you got it! 
Winter, summer, spring or fall.  
I love and want to "art" for y'all.


I'm the "youth" of the Giggles crew, and master of the register too! 

I pick it, I bag it, I make it FINE.  When giving our gifts, you will shine, shine shine!

The Creative Goddess, Yes, that's me. 
And that is what I'll always be.  
Create, design and decorate.  
When it's from me, the gift is always GREAT!


Customer service is what I do best. 

I leave the art & baking for the rest, so come on in & I'll find a way

to make you feel special and have a great day!


I left the grind far behind
Now "retired"... feelin' fine
I'm sharing JOY all around 
Giggles is where I can be found!